Downsvale Nursing Care Home for Elderly and Dementia Patients in Surrey Dorking, UK

Downsvale is a Nursing Home for Elderly and Dementia Patients in Surrey, Dorking, UK. Downsvale is a home from home environment offering complete person-centered care in an idyllic setting nestled in the beautiful rolling landscapes of Boxhill in Surrey. It is close to all amenities and offers 24-hour care for you and your loved ones in a caring and safe place for all who stay here. Our philosophy is to create a secure, relaxed, happy and a homely atmosphere for our residents to live in and the staff to work in.
We aim to treat our residents with dignity and respect taking the time to recognize the needs of residents who are sometimes unable to express their needs owing to conditions such as Dementia (EMI). Their family and friends will always be made welcome, encouraged to visit, stay for a meal, and spend time together. Staff is sympathetic to and able to recognize, understand, and cater to Residents’ individual needs.




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